doGate: dual IP automation server for open BMS systems


doGate : dual IP automation server for open BMS systems

doGate is a universal infrastructure component able to create a standard BMS system managing every device of every manufacturer in any open protocol . (Download pdf documentation)

doGate is a dual IP automation server: it acquires information from BACnet, LonWorks, KNX, Modbus, M-Bus, OPC, and serve the datapoints to BACnet server or OPC server. It anlso behaves as a universal gateway to translate any datapoint of any protocol. Furthermore it embeds an scheduler managing every datapoint of every protocol.


The power of IP convergence using doGate : distributed architecture

Centralized architecture is low cost, capable of the complete functions of a BMS but everything is centralized to PC: one acquisition only, automation on PC, if PC fails … Decentralized architecture outsource automation to an automation connected to a field network. But expensive, oversized, lack of interoperability between local channels, cannot maintain field bus from management …

Distributed architecture is the fact to distribute automation only over IP and use standard IP routers. Low cost, automation decentralized, network commissioning and maintenance available at SCADA, fully scalable, hyper flexible, independent from SCADA …


A platform to develop your own Smart Application

doGate includes a doMoov automation server and you can develop your own application on the top of doMoov. DoMoov is a software platform that integrates the open BMS standard protocols into a unified platform.

You can get access to a SDK independent of any protocol and easily develop your Smart application. You can easily access to functions to manage read/write, polling and event driven, alarm set, read write, trend settings and reading, scheduling settings and calendars, gateways, scripts …

A pure abstracted SDK to quickly develop Smart Systems.

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